Tuesday, 03 January 2017 19:26

15 How-To Tweets About the iPhone You Should See

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Straight from Apple, most of the these tweets come with a short how-to video. They're all great features that you should know about. Go through this list and pick up some cool iPhone know-how right now. Some of you will soon be impressing your children and/or grandchildren with some amazing texting tricks.

How to contact family and friends from your lock screen

How to take a picture when you’re taking a video

How to multitask

How to find your car with Maps

How to set up customized mailboxes

How to view the entire thread of an email conversation

How to use Bubble Effect in text messages

How to send a text in your own handwriting

How to use Invisible Ink when sending a text

How to use Screen Effects in text messages

How to use the Digital Touch menu in Message

How to select multiple photos

How to edit light levels in Photos

How to find the built-in leveler

How to use TapBack in your texts