10 Helpful Texting Terms That You'll Want to Make Sure You Know

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Text message shorthand and acronyms are abbreviations that are widely used in texting, online, chat, instant messaging (IM), email, blogs, forums, and online commenting. LOL, which stands for Laughing Out Loud, is a texting abbreviation that you are probably familiar with or, more likely, one that you have used over and over again. Using abbreviations not only saves time, but also helps us comfortably add meaning and emotional expression to our online conversations. Here are 10 time-saving and meaningful abbreviations that you can learn and start using in your text messages:

  1. FWIW — For What It's Worth
  2. JK — Just Kidding
  3. IMHO — In My Humble Opinion
  4. ILY — I Love You
  5. RBTL - Read Between the Lines
  6. MHOTY — My Hat's Off To You
  7. NIMBY — Not In My Backyard
  8. NP — No Problem
  9. TMI — Too Much Information
  10. WYWH — Wish You Were Here