Look at 3 iPhone Features That Will Help Steady Your Shots

iPhone Steady Shot

Besides using a tripod to keep your iPhone steady there are also some great built-in features to help you get rid of the blur and become an all-around better digital photographer. Before we get to the features, know that the iPhone doesn’t take a picture when you touch the onscreen button. It takes it when you take your finger off of the button. This is good to think about when you’re taking a picture. It will help you focus on when it’s important to hold the camera steady.

Shutter Buttons

Now on to our first feature — I call it the hidden shutter buttons. Using the onscreen Shutter button isn’t the only way to snap a picture. The hardware Volume Up and Volume Down buttons are also Shutter buttons when using the Camera app. I find it easier to keep the camera steady by using a physical button instead of tapping an onscreen button. Try it and see if it helps you.

Burst Mode

Next is the Burst Mode. Once I learned about this, I immediately started using it and I love it. It has helped me capture more good pictures and it’s great for action shots. The feature is exactly what it sounds like — the rapid shooting of several frames a second. In the case of the iPhone that’s 10 frames a second. Take pictures this way by holding down the onscreen Shutter button or one of the Volume buttons. I have read instructions that say to use the Volume Up button, but the Volume Down button works too. Have an adorable but squirmy, busy, on-the-go grandchild? Try this feature and see if it doesn’t help you capture that one great moment without the blur...or, at least grab hold of a precious moment that’s much less blurry.

Focus Lock

Thirdly, there's the AE/AF Lock feature. AE/AF Lock stands for Auto-Exposure and Auto-Focus Lock. Activate this feature by tapping and holding a place anywhere on the screen. When you do a yellow box appears and then "AE/AF Lock" will show up at the top in yellow too. Now it’s time to compose your picture without the focus and exposure changing. If you were wondering, the focus and exposure are not adjustable by themselves. To turn off the feature tap anywhere on the screen.