3 Types of Software You Should Have

There are several free commercial downloads everyone needs...for pdf, podcasts, RSS

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Free Commercial Downloads

Many documents on websites are in Portable Document Format (PDF). PDFs allow you to view publications in their original format regardless of what type of computer, browser, or operating system you use to access the Internet. In order to view, navigate, and print PDF documents, you need a PDF reader. The popular Adobe reader and several other non-Adobe options, like Foxit Reader, are available for free.

To be able to listen to audio broadcasts called podcasts, you need podcatching software. The software enables you to subscribe to and download podcast feeds. Just like with the RSS aggregator, this software periodically checks for and downloads new content automatically. You can play a podcast with any digital audio player or computer that has audio-playing software. Here are three place where you can get the software:

News feeds
Next on the list is an RSS aggregator. This type of software gathers RSS feeds (materials from websites). You set the aggregator to scan the websites that you want. This is a convenient way to get the latest information from blogs and news sites. With an RSS aggregator, also known as a “feed reader”, you will be able to view the content from all of the sources that you choose in one convenient location. There are many RSS aggregators to choose from and some are free. I’ve been using Feedly for quite awhile. I can access it both on my desktop and with the Feedly app on my mobile devices.