3 Websites That Will Teach You How to Take Stunning iPhone Photos


Photography has changed so much since smartphones came into our lives. Now we have these amazing pocket-sized devices that we carry with us all the time. Everywhere you go people are taking pictures. Amateur photographers are taking beautiful pictures with smart phone cameras and high-tech apps. Many people are discovering the fun of photography for the first time or finally finding the time for it. There will always be something to learn in this fun and ever-expanding hobby. Even if you don’t want to make it a hobby it’s worthwhile to learn more about it. If you use an iPhone for your photography that’s called iPhoneography. The iPhone is a popular choice for smart phone photographers. Visit these excellent websites and read a few articles or take a free course. Start learning how to take better pictures with your iPhone. Start capturing your special memories with even more style and skill. As the years go by, you’ll be glad you did.

iPhone Photography Websites for Learning and Inspiration

This is a great place to start, especially if you’re new to iPhone photography. Here are some of the free tutorials:

  • Getting Started
  • Photo Editing
  • Taking Control of the iPhone’s Camera
  • Mastering Composition
  • Making the Most of Light
  • Photography Techniques
  • Sharing Your Photos

Here you’ll learn from "some of the most-respected iPhone photographers on Instagram." Join the online community and you’ll have access to more lessons and video tips.

This website is the creation of web developer, Andy Butler. He documents the journey of his hobby and his passion for iphoneography at Mobiography.

Andy writes, "I love the freedom it gives. I can shoot where and when I want, I can edit and share on the go. Not to mention the friendships at are forming with other like-minded people. As my journey deepened I found I wanted to expand my knowledge and experience more, I wanted to connect with others, find out about their journey and the stories behind the photos they took."

Besides the website, Butler launched Mobiography, a digital magazine, in 2013. It's available for the iPhone and iPad. The magazine includes tips and tutorials. It also showcases the work of other mobile photographers.

Paul "Skip" Brown is an exhibited, commissioned, published and prize-winning iPhoneographer. He shares the mobile processes and techniques that he uses on his website, Skipology. Paul describes his style of mobile photography as tending towards painterly. He also enjoys taking candid street shots and most other genres.

You can find tutorials on Skipology by genre or app. Genres include:

  • Flora
  • Landscape
  • Monochrome
  • Portrait
  • Still Life
  • Street
  • Surreal/Abstract
  • Painterly

Paul also provides a large index of recommended apps.

Paul writes, "The gist of this is that I’ve been enjoying mobile photography and iphone photography specifically for a few years now. I know more than some and less than others. I’m always willing to learn and share."

Go to Skipology for app recommendations, detailed tutorials, and inspiration for your iPhone photography.