4 Things That You Need to Know Now About Ad Scams

online shopper with credit card

Shopping online is easy and fast. With a few clicks you've ordered what you want and the next thing you know it's on your doorstep. That is, unless you clicked on an ad that was a scam.

Tip-Offs to the Rip-Offs

The FTC is warning consumers about online ad scams. Ads like this offer deals on luxury items at low prices. They can be part of a scheme to take your money and give you nothing in return. But if you know how to spot online shopping scams, you can avoid losing your money — and more.

Here are 4 tip-offs from the FTC to help online shoppers identify and avoid these scams:

  1. You need to be able to reach someone if you have problems with your order. So before you place an order online, confirm that the shop has a physical address and a phone number.

  2. Scammers use well-known name brands in their ads for expensive items to entice you.

  3. Avoid clicking on pop-up ads. This will help you avoid viruses, spyware, malware, and other unwanted software. 

  4. If the seller requires payment through a wire transfer it's a scam. Also, if they want you giving them numbers off a gift card or prepaid card, that’s a scam too. Legitimate sellers won’t restrict payment to those methods.

Image courtesy of blackzheep at FreeDigitalPhotos.net