5 Inspiring Health Documentaries You Can Stream for Free

inspiring health documentaries

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Are you on a quest for better health, fitness, energy, weight loss, mental clarity, longevity? You will find plenty of inspiration and information in these health documentaries. They are available to stream for free from various online sources like YouTube and Vimeo. The links below go to Top Documentary Films and Documentary Heaven. Why? They offer curated and organized collections, have a helpful star rating system, and are continually updated. These are great websites to use for finding quality educational shows.

You may be wondering if these websites are legal. Here is what you should know. Both are pro-DMCA (Digital Millennium Copyright Act) websites and respect content owners' rights and wishes. These websites do not host documentaries; they're embedded. When a content owner wants a video taken down, they comply. If that happens, you can search to find it and watch from another site.

How to Live to 101 and Be Able to Enjoy It

2008, 47 minutes

Fascinating discoveries about health and longevity pop up all the time. Take off to Okinawa, Loma Linda, and Sardinia and join the scientific quest for the secrets to long life. These are three places where people are living longer than anywhere else. Learn what a group of scientists has discovered regarding genetics, lifestyle choices, and how we can live longer and better lives.

10 Things You Need to Know About Losing Weight

2009, 60 minutes

Hate the gym and want to lose weight? Learn ten simple ways to shed the pounds in this eye-opening documentary. See how small changes add up to big results without exercising. Losing weight may be easier than you thought.

Eat, Fast, and Live Longer

2012, 59 minutes

Dr. Michael Mosley wants to live longer, stay younger, and lose weight. He wants to do this with no major changes to his lifestyle. What he discovers is the ancient practice of fasting.

Watch his personal experiences with fasting and his interviews with the experts. Learn what they've discovered about the relationship between low-calorie diets and longevity and disease, including dementia. Follow Dr. Mosley on his exploration of the science behind calorie-restrictive living and see his results.

The Complete Guide to Fasting by Jason Fung

Marathon Challenge

2007, 53 minutes

Running 26.2 miles is a tough challenge. In this documentary, thirteen sedentary people go through an intense training regimen. They are 22 to 60 years old. The goal is to run their first marathon. With exercise, good coaching, discipline, and social support, they transform their bodies and minds.

The good coaching comes from Donald Megerle from Tufts University. Former Olympian and three-time Boston Marathon winner Uta Pippig are there to inspire and advise. Watch their struggles and triumphs as they prepare for their greatest fitness test.

Fat Head

2009, 105 minutes

Was Morgan Spurlock's documentary, Super Size Me, full of bologna? Tom Naughton challenges Spurlock and some commonly accepted claims about healthy eating, obesity, and weight loss. Naughton interviews scientists, researchers, and doctors. Along the way, he shares his month-long fast-food diet. Also, he looks at the roles government and consumer protection groups have played in America's nutritional guidelines.

Another interesting part is the discussion about lipids. Some experts have concluded that inflammation, not cholesterol, causes heart disease.

His doctor gives him unexpected test results in the finale, and he takes on a more extreme diet. Watch what happens when he piles on the eggs, cheese, and butter.