5 Quick Tips for Saving Money With Online Coupon Codes

Coupon codes online shopping

When shopping online never check out without first doing a search for a discount code. Enter the website or company name and “discount,” “coupon” or “free shipping” into a search engine to see if any deals are available or go directly to websites like Coupons.com or RetailMeNot and search for a code. If a site requires you to download software or enter financial information to access the codes skip it and look elsewhere.

1. Don't miss the money saving offers right in front of you
Always pay attention to the top or the sidebar of the homepage of a retail website. There could be a discount code, information on free shipping or another special offer that’s right in front of you but you'll miss out if you don't notice it. Discounts and special offers are not always automatically applied when you check out. Sometimes you need to enter a code yourself in order to get the discount or special offer.

2. Get more than one discount
If you're getting free shipping because your purchase is over a certain amount that doesn’t mean that you can’t also use a coupon code for a discount on your purchase. Go ahead and search for a coupon code and enter it to save even more money.

3. Find automatic coupons
GetInvisibleHand and PriceBlink are extensions that you can add to your Firefox, Chrome or Safari browser that automatically find coupons and compare prices for you as you shop online.

4. Search social media for special offers
Not all special offers and discounts are provided on a company's website. Some are offered exclusively through social media and email. Before you make a final purchase go to a company’s Facebook page or Twitter feed and browse through the most recent posts for discount codes.

5. Sign up for discounts
Lastly, if you shop regularly at an online store, sign-up for their email notifications or newsletter so that you will be sent any exclusive discount codes.