Here Are 6 Top Apps for Boomers Who Want to Be Strong and Fit

6 Top Fitness Apps Baby Boomers

Fitness apps are not magic wands, but they are powerful tools. Use fitness apps to give you an edge. Tracking details about personal exercise accomplishments helps many people stay motivated and focused on achieving goals. Many fitness apps include social features. Research shows that social support is a key to making lifestyle changes. Try using social support features to see if they work for you. This list of apps offers a range of options for boomers at all fitness levels. Whatever your fitness goal is you’ll find an app here to help you.

Winning Fitness Apps for People Over 50

Yoga For Seniors & Adults: For Increased Mobility & Flexibility - Training Video Apps, LLC
This app offers 49 yoga sequences and 7 full round workouts. All of the exercises are lead by a certified yoga trainer. The focus is on gentle stretches and sequences for older adults. Training is "structured and simplified" to help you learn and master all the basics.

Tai Chi for Seniors Pro - Discovery Publisher Limited
This app includes 64 Tai Chi videos with step-by-step instruction. Watch the videos at your own pace from 4 different angles. Detailed instructions are both audio and written.

J&J Official 7 Minute Workout - Johnson & Johnson Health and Wellness Solutions, Inc.
Get fit in seven minutes a day. These scientifically based workouts give you the greatest benefit in the shortest amount of time. The Smart Workout feature will assess your fitness level and create personalized workout plans. You don’t need equipment for any of the exercises. Workouts are tracked and can be integrated with the iPhone Health App. It's also available for Android.

iRideInside - JammyCo.
Take an indoor cycling class with the iRideInside app. Choose from ready-made workouts or customize your own. There are music playlists, full audio of each instructor’s workout, customizable onscreen displays, and more.

iTreadmill Pedometer - Ricky Amano
Walk or run outdoors or indoors while monitoring all the information you would see on a treadmill (pace, speed, distance, time, calories, step count, and strike rate). Set your pace like you would on a real treadmill. It generates a ticking sound which helps you keep your desired pace. Create a goal for distance, time, steps, or calories. The app lets you know when you reach your goal.

Easy 5K - Run/Walk/Run Beginner and Advanced Training Plans with Jeff Galloway - lolo
This app was created by Olympian Jeff Galloway. It’s for people at all levels of fitness. Endurance improves quickly with the Run-Walk-Run training method. This method uses principles of High Intensity Interval Training. It takes less time than traditional methods. Get ready for a 5K in seven weeks with this program. There’s an extra seven week program for continued improvement. The app includes GPS tracking. Use it when working outside or on a treadmill.