7 Fun and Free Word Game Apps That Will Make You Think

Image representing app games courtesy of StuartMiles at FreeDigitalPhotos.net

Word games are popular across all age groups and they are not only fun but they can be educational and will challenge your brain from every angle you can think of — the possibilities are endless. Personally, I enjoy word games more than any other game category and I tested out a bunch of them for you in order to create this list of brain teasing word fun. Whether you like to play by yourself or enjoy challenging friends, and regardless of your experience with playing games on your mobile device, you’re sure to find a word game app from this list that you’ll want to add to your collection.

Red Herring (iPhone/iPad/Android)
The object of the game is to group words into categories by putting 4 related words into the same column. There are extra words or Red Herrings in each puzzle that are meant to trick you because it may seem that some words could fit with more than one category. However, there is only one correct way to solve each puzzle. There are daily puzzles for free that you can download and several puzzle packs to choose from including a free pack called Imagination to get you started. You can choose a level of difficulty for each puzzle — Easy, Normal, or Hard. Tap the gear icon at the bottom right on the main page to go to settings. There you can choose to receive a reminder of the free daily puzzle and you will also find the Night Mode option. It’s easy to get started playing this game with the automatic step-by-step tutorial.
7 Little Words (iPhone/iPad/Android)
Every word puzzle contains 7 clues, 7 mystery words and 20 letter groups. Figure out the clue and combine the letter groups to form the correct mystery word. There are 50 free puzzles, free daily puzzles, and more puzzle packages for purchase. You’ll be up and running in no time with a quick tutorial at the beginning. If you enjoy anagrams and word find games then you’ll like this app.

Hexiled (iPhone/iPad)
A unique and addicting word game with 4 different modes — you can play Escape and Discover modes to unlock the other 2 modes without having to pay but if you don’t want to wait you can unlock each one with a paid upgrade. Whether you like to play a fast-paced, frantic round or relax and play at a more leisurely pace, you’re sure to find a favorite challenge or two. A brief tutorial automatically starts when you first open the app. Several language options are available for free.

Letris 4 (iPhone/iPad/Android)
It’s Tetris with words. With Letris 4 your objective is to keep the screen clear as you build words from the descending letters. You can enjoy the leisure Relaxed Modes or amp things up with the time-challenging Snake mode. There is also a Multiplayer option which allows you to connect to Facebook to play with a friend or random opponents and there are weekly tournaments too. 4 main game modes with hundreds of levels are available for free. Additional levels, packs and features are available for purchase including the Bilingual mode which can be a great way for practicing or brushing up on a foreign language. You can even play in two languages at once.

Astraware Codewords (iPhone/iPad/Android)
This word game has an interesting twist on the crossword puzzle. Instead of words, each letter, except for three, has been substituted with a number. The objective is to figure out which number stands for each letter. The three letters get you started by using them to guess possible words and matching numbers with letters until you crack the code. Players have unlimited access to Daily and Weekender puzzles.

Wordmint (iPhone/iPad/Android)
Build your vocabulary while you build words one letter at a time. With every letter you move a new letter appears randomly on the board. Move the letters anywhere to form new words and interconnect words for bonus points. There are 2 ways to challenge yourself, either by number of moves or by time limit. No In-App Purchases.

Quizzitive (iPhone/iPad)
The objective is to master the “1000 Words Worth Knowing” that have been selected by the editors of Merriam-Webster. There are 10 levels of progressing difficulty. The first two levels are free so you can try it to see if you like it.