This is an Amazing App That Detects Dementia Early

Older Man With Family

Cambridge Cognition has received clearance from the FDA to market CANTAB Mobile as a medical device in the U.S. CANTAB Mobile is designed to detect clinically-relevant memory impairment in older adults at the point of care.

A Thorough and Proven Dementia Test

The test is based on 30 years of research into Alzheimer's disease. It's sensitive to detecting the earliest signs of prodromal Alzheimer's disease years before a clinical diagnosis.

It includes 3 assessments in 1:

  • Paired Associates Learning (PAL) test of visuospatial episodic memory
  • Depression scale
  • Activities of daily living assessment

The combination of the memory test with a depression screening allows doctors to differentiate mood disorders from memory impairment.

Instant Results, Better Outcome

The touchscreen test takes under 10 minutes to complete. It can be self-administered on an iPad using voiceover instructions in over 20 languages with automatic scoring. The test accounts for age, gender and education level. All results can be accessed in an easy-to-interpret, one-page physician's report.

Patients who are concerned about memory issues but do not have a clinically relevant problem can receive an instant and accurate report for timely reassurance. For others it means that dementia is detected early. This leads to earlier treatment, care, and the support needed to let them live better with the condition and stay independent longer. Much can be done to maximize the quality of life for patients with dementia if the condition is detected early.