Amazon Kindle Tips That You'll Want To Know About

TAmazon Kindle Tips

These Amazon Kindle tips will help you get the most out of your device and your e-reading experience. Did you know there's an advanced search page for Kindle books? Do you have a browser tool that finds free e-books for you? Want to know the easiest ways to save your notes and highlights or how to get a better deal on your next Kindle? Are you using all the features that make e-reading easier on your eyes? Have you used X-Ray yet? You're going to want to know about all of this and more.

1. Power Up Your Search

Amazon has a powerful search engine. There's an advanced Amazon search page to use when you need help finding a book. To get to Advanced Search select Kindle Store from the main search box's drop-down menu and hit Enter or click on the search button.

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Next, select Advanced Search.

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Advanced Search has more search boxes. By giving the search engine more information, you get better results. There are also selectors. These are drop-down menus that let you narrow your search by subject, language, and date. Use the "Sort Results by" drop-down menu to sort your results by relevance, price, reviews, publication date, and best sellers.

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2. Conquer the Classics

How many of the classics are still on your reading list? Classic books are in the public domain and available as free e-books from many sources. Getting them from Amazon is a quick and easy way to have them delivered to your Kindle. Many of them will have some or all the Kindle features enabled (e.g., Page Flip, Word Wise, and Enhanced Typesetting). To find them search in Kindle Books for "free popular classics." There’s a big list. Some are available only through Kindle Unlimited, a Prime Member benefit. Download and start checking them off your reading list. 

3. Find Millions of Free Kindle Books

It's easy to find free e-books you'll want to read. Here are seven things to do:

  1. Use a search engine (e.g., Google, Bing) to find free Kindle compatible e-books. Example search: "free kindle books crime thrillers and mystery."
  2. Go to Project Gutenberg, ePubBooks, and The Internet Archive.
  3. Find and follow Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, Pinterest accounts that promote free Kindle books.
  4. Use hashtags like #FreeKindleReads or #FreeKindleBook to search social media for Kindle book giveaways.
  5. Enter "free Kindle books" in the Amazon search box.
  6. Download an e-reader app from your library to find and check out e-books.
  7. Get the browser extension called Library Extension. It shows you if the book you're looking at on Amazon or another online store is available from your library as an e-book. This tool is free. No sign up required. Follow these five simple steps.
    • Install Library Extension.
    • Select your library. If your library isn't listed, contact the creators of Library Extension. They'll add it for you.
    • Start browsing on sites like Amazon and Goodreads.
    • When you find a book, the extension will show you if it's available from your library. If it is, click the link for the e-book. This will take you to your library's catalog.
    • Reserve or check out the e-book for your Kindle.  

4. Listen to Books on Your Kindle

Many books are available in audio format. If your Kindle has Bluetooth, you can use it to listen to audiobooks. You'll need Bluetooth headphones or a Bluetooth speaker. Go back and forth between reading and listening. It's a great way to get in some serious bookworm time. 

5. Collect and Save Your Favorite Things

E-readers make it easy to save important things from your reading. The Kindle includes features for bookmarking pages, taking notes, and highlighting passages. 


To bookmark a page, tap the upper right corner. Next, tap the plus sign by the location number. A solid bookmark will appear in the top right corner. 


To use the highlighting feature, tap on a word, hold and drag to the end of the passage you want to save. A dialog box will appear; select Highlight. Tap on a highlight to change the color, add notes, and more. 


To make a note, tap on a word or highlight and select Note from the dialog box to record your thoughts and ideas. To edit a note, tap on the note icon that appears next to your note.   

Your Kindle Notebook

You have a Kindle notebook. Use your computer to manage and edit all your notes and highlights from there. Here are two easy ways to copy notes and highlights from your notebook to another document.

  • Use your computer's Print function to save your notes and highlights as a PDF.
  1. Go to your Kindle notebook.
  2. Select Command (Mac) or Control + P to send the notes to your printer.
  3. DO NOT print the document.
  4. Go to Print Options and save the document as a PDF.
  • Get the free bookmarklet, Bookcision, for your browser. If you use it with Chrome, you'll have more format options. Here's how to get started:
  1. Drag the Bookcision bookmarklet to your bookmarks bar.
  2. Go to your Kindle notebook.
  3. Click on a book title.
  4. Click on the Bookcision link in your browser's bookmark bar.
  5. Copy your notes and paste them to your Word Document, Evernote, OneNote, or whatever you use.

6. Take Care of Your Eyes

Don't let eye strain keep you from enjoying your reading time. Make it easier on your eyes by changing the e-book font and text options. Here are eight tips for reducing eye strain when using the Kindle.

  1. Make the font size larger.
  2. Try the different font options and change to the one that feels most comfortable.
  3. Increase spacing between lines.
  4. Make the margins wider.
  5. Dim the backlight.
  6. If you have the setting, change the backlight to a warmer hue.
  7. Block the blue light. It doesn't emit as much as many other devices, but it's there. Use protective glasses or a blue light blocking stick-on screen cover.
  8. If your Kindle has Bluetooth, use it to listen to audiobooks to give your eyes a break for a while.

7. Keep It Secure

Add a password to protect your Kindle and personal documents. Also, add your contact information. If you lose your Kindle, a good Samaritan will be able to get it back to you.

8. Stay Powered Up

Don't run out of power when you're reading. Here's how to make your Kindle's battery last longer.

  • Turn it to Airplane Mode when you don't need an internet connection.
  • Reduce the screen's brightness.

When You're Traveling

When you're traveling, you want to be able to recharge on the go or wherever you're staying. Have multiple ways to charge your Kindle. Get these four things to charge your Kindle using a computer, a wall outlet, a car cigarette lighter, or a backup battery. 

  1. Portable power bank
  2. USB cable 
  3. AC adapter for a USB cable
  4. Vehicle charger with USB ports

9. Connect and Share

Are you a Goodreads member? Connect your Amazon account to your Goodreads account and share about things you're reading. If you don't have a Goodreads account yet, consider signing up. It's a free online, book-loving community. 

To connect your Kindle with your Goodreads account, look for the Goodreads link. Tap it and follow the steps to activate Goodreads.

10. Upgrade and Save Money

Save money every time you buy a new Kindle. As long as your Kindle works, trade it in and get credit toward your new one. You can trade in other Amazon electronic devices for credit too. These credits can also go toward your new Kindle. Again, make sure they're all in working order to get this credit. 

11. Learn How to Use ALL the Smart Tools

Look up words, people, events, and places with Kindle's built-in reference tools. There's a Dictionary, Translator, access to Wikipedia, and a feature called X-Ray. To access Wikipedia or the Translator you must be connected to a wireless network. Tap and hold on a word to view definitions, translations, or access Wikipedia entries.


The X-Ray feature displays all the places in the book where a character, place, event, or important concept are mentioned. Use this feature to explore and keep track of everything you're reading. Press and hold on a name, place, or term and tap Open X-Ray. Select from the list. Tap the back arrow in your toolbar to return to where you were reading.

Get the Most Out of Your Kindle

The Kindle offers fantastic tools and features. Try all the settings and experiment with every tool. Decide what works best for you. Learn how to use everything to get the most out of your Kindle and your reading.