Sports for People 50+: Competition, Fitness, and Fun Just for You

Sports for People 50+

Which sports do you like to play? Golf? Archery? Volleyball? Tennis? Swimming? Shuffleboard? Cycling? Playing and competing in sports is a fantastic and fun way to get and stay fit. Have you heard of the National Senior Olympics Organization?

Founded in 1985, the National Senior Olympics Organization (NSOO) had a vision "to promote healthy lifestyles for adults through education, fitness, and sport." The organization is now known as the National Senior Games Association (NSGA). Through the NSGA, you can take part in a local team or individual sports and qualify for their biennial athletic competition. The National Senior Games is the largest sporting event in the world for adults 50 and older.

The NSGA’s Spotlight Video

Getting Started

The National Senior Games Association (NSGA) website is full of information to help you start competing, including:

  • Information on all individual, non-ambulatory, and team sports.
  • Everything to know about competing in an event.
  • A complete list of sanctioned State Organizations with contact information. This list also includes:
    • National Veterans Golden Age Games
    • Canada Games

Health and Fitness Resources

The website is also a helpful fitness and health resource. It has free articles, videos, and links to exercising and healthy living resources like:

  • Agility exercise and fitness videos for older adults.
  • Workout and training tips for senior athletes.
  • Falls prevention resources.
  • Updates on the Senior Athlete Fitness Exam.

Get Inspired

Read athlete's blogs and check out the Personal Best and Athlete of the Month pages for inspiration. To keep up to date on the National Senior Games, sign up for the free e-newsletter. The NSG newsletter features senior athletes, supplies health updates, recipes, and more. Check out the website and learn more about competing in the National Senior Games.