Automatic Complaint-Letter Generator

 This online complaint letter-writing wizard will save you time and make sure that you include all the necessary information.

An online letter writing wizard for consumers

Get that complaint letter written and in the mail in five simple steps. offers consumers an online letter writing tool for composing an organized and thorough complaint letter quickly. Before going throught the steps and examples below, review these important tips for using the wizard:

  •     Before you start, have any documents related to your complaint ready (receipts, work orders, billing statements, emails, etc.)
  •     Use the wizard’s "BACK" button to edit a previous step, not your browser’s back button.
  •     You can use the "Step" links at the top of the wizard to jump to a specific step in the wizard.
  •     Even after you've previewed your letter in step 5, you can still make edits.
  •     You can edit any text in brackets [] after you download the letter.
  •     There are helpful examples included to help you fill in the details about your purchase or service and the reason for your complaint.

Now let’s get started with the Consumer Compaint Letter Writing Wizard.

Step 1
Provide information about the product or service. Example text is given. From the dropdown menu, choose the date or approximate date of the purchase or service. Next, select where you will be sending the complaint, local company or corporate headquarters, and whether or not you will be including any supporting documents. Select “Next” to go to step 2.

Complaint letter writing wizard step 1

Step 2
All that you need to do is enter the address of the local company or the corporate headquarters. This is what the screen looks like if you selected a local business in step 1. See below for what the screen looks like when corporate headquarters is sleected. Select “Next” to go to step 3.

Complaint letter writing wizard step 2

If you chose "Corporate headquarters" in step 1 then this is what step 2 looks like — start typing in the name of the corporation, and if it is in the database, the information will be automatically looked up for you and entered into the boxes when you select the company name.

Complaint letter writing wizard step 2

Step 3
Simply describe your problem. Example text is given. Select “Next” to go to step 4.

Complaint letter writing wizard step 4

Step 4
Request a resolution and set an expected resolution date. You can choose a resolution option from the menu which will automatically fill the text box with a request. If you want to make a different request, enter it manually into the text area. Below the text box is where you can select a date from the drop down options. Select “Next” to go to step 5.

Complaint letter writing wizard step 5

Step 5
The last step shows you the letter that the wizard has created. The text that you will need to edit on your actual letter is highlighted and enclosed in brackets. When you download the letter, the text won't be highlighted, and you can fill in the information that is surrounded by [ ]. After you download, be sure to add your name, address, subject, and phone number. You can download your letter in either .rtf or .txt format. and edit anything in your letter.

Complaint letter writing wizard step 5