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Web Smart Boomer is always open to working with freelance writers and guest bloggers. If you’re interested then by all means send an article or pitch an idea. Every author gets a byline and bio with a nofollow link.

For an article pitch, please include:

  • Topic you’ll be covering and what angle you plan to take.
  • A rough estimate of what the length of the article will be.
  • Relevant information about yourself and your experience. Include a sample of your work or a link to something you've written.

To submit an article follow these guidelines:

  • Write to our baby boomer audience about web and tech related things that will help or inspire them. It's great to include stats, facts, or research about boomers (people born 1946-1964).
  • Write about something specific.
  • Think evergreen. News stories are quickly outdated, apps  and online services come and go, how-to information changes when websites and online services are updated. Aim for content that has staying power.
  • Your article must be original, written by you, and not already published elsewhere online. If it has been published elsewhere in print it's acceptable if you own the rights. This information must be disclosed.
  • Articles must be accurate and factual.
  • Provide links or citations to any of your sources.
  • Include a dynamic title. Two or three options is preferable. Use Coschedule Headline Analyzer to score your title. Titles need a grade of at least 70. Please use one of the titles in the subject line of your email.
  • Articles must be in final draft form. Make sure you have thoroughly edited, checked for spelling, and proofread your submission.
  • Promotional links are not allowed in your article. Links that do not provide value or important references will be removed.
  • Write a brief bio (50 words or less) and include a link to your website.
  • If you provide images:
    • Include image credits and license details.
    • Submit images as files, attached to your email.
    • All images must be in JPG format.
    • Include information about where images are to be placed in your article.

Web Smart Boomer reserves the rights to make edits to the content without notifying the author.

Requests to take back your articles after they have been published will not be approved.

Each submission is reviewed within two weeks of receiving it. If you don’t hear back within two weeks, assume it's not going to be published and you can submit it elsewhere. Feel free to submit another article.

You'll receive an email if your article is scheduled for publication.

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