Get A Top Brain Training Program Absolutely Free

brain training program

Everyone who wants a younger brain should be looking into a brain training program. You should also know how you may be able to get one of the top brain training programs for free.

Why a Brain Training Program

The science of brain plasticity tells us that the brain has the ability to change itself at any age. People are turning to brain training programs to improve focus, memory, and mental processing. The effectiveness of brain training is controversial. All brain training programs are not alike. Do some research prior to choosing a program and committing your time.

Free Brain Training Program

One brain training program that you’ll want to look at is called BrainHQ. This program is built on "scientifically validated, non-invasive programs for improving brain health." Thirty years of neurological and other medical research has gone into creating this brain training system. It meets The Institute of Medicine's criteria for being a "scientifically proven" brain training program.

BrainHQ has some exercises available to anyone who creates a free account. To access all the features you have to pay for a subscription. But here's some great news. Full access is available for FREE through many libraries. Find a list of participating libraries (and information on how to bring BrainHQ to your library) here.

If your library has BrainHQ use your library card to “check out” BrainHQ. It's like checking out a book. All you have to do is create a personal account with your email address and library card. Log in to track your progress, get feedback, and make progress with the exercises. With an account you can set personal training goals. BrainHQ sends you training reminders too if you want them.

Brain Exercise

Use BrainHQ on your computer or download the app. It's available for both iOS and Android devices. On the web, you can brain train with personalized training, challenges, categories, and exercises. On the iPad app, only the brain training challenges are available.

Personalized training
This customizes a schedule for you based on your unique preferences and performance.

Choose a brain training challenge if there is a particular skill you want to improve. Each challenge is a collection of exercises that could be helpful for that issue.

Categories and Exercises
Choose a category or an exercise for brain training. Categories include:

  • Memory
  • Brain Speed
  • Attention
  • People Skills
  • Intelligence
  • Navigation

With 29 online cognitive exercises you'll be challenging your brain to change. Each exercise takes under 5 minutes. Do a little at a time or go for a marathon brain training session. It's up to you. You're working at your ideal level the entire time that you’re using the brain training program. This is because a special algorithm adapts the difficulty of the exercise as you train your brain.

Any workout that's going to do you good is a little difficult. Your body won't change if you don't push yourself. According to some research, the same applies to the brain. If you're going to improve your mind you're going to have to do difficult exercises. Some experts recommend that you aim for at least 90 minutes of brain exercises a week for the best results.