Expert Help on How to Complete One Sensational Exit Plan

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A growing percentage of Baby Boomer business owners say they want to exit their businesses in the next 5 or so years. Yet, according to a survey by Business Enterprise Institute, less than 1 of 10 business owners have started a written Exit Plan. A Southern California Business Exit Planner has created an in-depth, absolutely free webinar to show baby boomer business owners what they're missing.

"Exit Planning 101: What's in an Exit Plan? is a 40 minute, page by page look at what a written exit plan looks like so owners can see and understand what the benefits of a written plan are", according to Certified Exit Planner Bill Black. Black, is the Founder and Host of the Exit Coach Radio Show, an extension of his highly successful podcast of the same name which tackles the most critical aspects of business planning and offers actionable advice to business owners who need to make sure their entire company - as well as their employees and loved ones - will be protected once they leave.

The Webinar will be offered several times over the next month. "Webinars are a great way of learning, as they give business owners a chance to submit questions and see what questions other business owners are asking", Black added. The webinars are available free of charge and Black's hope is that business owners will understand how the process of preparing an exit plan is critical to setting goals and choosing planning strategies and how it can save owners a tremendous amount of time and money. "The key point of a written exit plan is to make sure that a wide variety of strategies are explored and to give an Advisor Team (consisting of Tax, Legal, Business and Financial Advisors and often others) a central planning document to work from."

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For more information about Exit Radio Coach radio go to and you can access the Exit Coach podcast via Stitcher and iTunes. Through his podcast, Black has interviewed professional advisors from fields such as law, accounting, banking, insurance and marketing for their best tips, ideas and precautions for Business Owners. All of those interviews have been archived and indexed into 12 topic categories in an audio library at