How to Get Front Page News From Around the World

Man Reading Newspaper

If you're going to be traveling to Washington D.C. the Newseum Institute is a highly recommended tourist stop, but let’s look at a cool feature on their website called “Today's Front Pages”. Newseum has a special agreement with over 2,000 newspapers around the world to display their original, unedited front pages everyday on the website. You can view the newspaper selections as a thumbnail gallery or an alphabetical list. Browse for newspapers using a map or use the drop down sort feature to view newspapers by region. And here's an interesting feature — there’s an archive of national and international front pages that chronicle events of historical significance. Once you select a front page there are options at the top to print or convert it to a PDF, and there's a convenient link to the newspaper’s website. Newseum offers a free Today's Front Pages app for iPad and iPhone.

Todays Front Pages