One Great Search Engine You'll Want To Use To Find Buried Web Treasures

One Great Search Engine

A wealth of untapped resources is there for you to discover online. How do you find these buried web treasures? One way is by using a great search engine that's designed to uncover these hidden gems. With the search engine Million Short, you'll probe beyond typical search results.

Using Million Short lets you find websites that don't make it to the top of the list with other search engines. So many websites never rank high enough for searchers to find them. It's not that these sites you never see are necessarily low-quality sites. There can be many reasons for websites never making it to the top of the search results. It may be that some of these websites don't rank well because:

  • They have poor SEO.

  • They're too new.

  • They don't have a reasonable budget for marketing.

  • They may not rank for the competitive keywords.

How To Find Buried Treasures

The innovative technology of Million Short can help you uncover the obscure and unique online. One way to capitalize on Million Short's technology is to use long-tail keywords. Long-tail keywords are phrases of three keywords or more. Try to find what you want by entering a long string of descriptive words in the search box.

Many search engines yield the same popular sites in the search results. Million Short changes things up with its special filters. Use the drop-down menu on the right side of the search box to filter out the top websites. You can remove the top 100, 1,000, 10k, 100k, or 1 million websites. There are also filters for: popularity, shopping, advertising, privacy, country, and communication.

Popularity: Refine search results by the number of sites included or excluded from your search.

E-commerce: Refine search results by choosing to include or remove eCommerce sites.

Advertising: Filter search results by including or excluding websites with paid ads.

Live Chat: Filter search results by choosing to include or exclude sites with live chat options.

Location: Refine your web searches by identifying the country of origin of your web search.

Personalized Settings

Million Short offers an array of settings for personalizing your search profile. To adjust your personalized search settings, select Menu and then Settings. Personalized settings let you:

  1. Exclude certain websites from search results.

  2. Control the content rating of your search results.

  3. Personalize your search results based on country.

  4. Display search results in your language.

  5. Choose to open your search results in a new window.

For Your Mobile Devices

Million Short has a responsive design. That means it's optimized for all mobile and tablet devices so that you can use it anytime, anywhere. The mobile version has larger navigation buttons, reformatted contents, and optimized images. These mobile features make it easy and fast to find the information you want.

For Baby Boomers

Health information and product research are among the top things boomers research online. You need reliable sources for matters like these. Million Short isn't the tool for this type of research. For the most trustworthy information, learn what the top resources are for that topic and go there. For example, instead of using a search engine to find health information, go to an expert resource like MedlinePlus -- from the U.S. Library of Medicine. Important information needs to come from known sources you can trust.

Million Short isn't the search engine to use to search for authoritative sources. It's a search engine for finding the uncommon, unusual, and unknown. Million Short can be an excellent web exploration tool for boomers to search for things like:

  • Baby boomer blogs

  • Grandparenting

  • Travel and adventure ideas

  • Classes and online learning

  • Jobs

  • Business opportunities

  • People you've lost track of over the years - eliminate social media sites and see what you find

  • Money-saving advice

  • Special senior discounts

  • Ideas on cooking for one or two

  • Genealogy information

  • RV living

  • Unique volunteer opportunities

  • Websites for hobbyist and collectors

If you use it enough, Million Short is sure to lead you to things you wouldn't find otherwise. Try Million Short and see what discoveries you can make.