The Best Health and Fitness Podcasts for Baby Boomers

 Health and Fitness Podcasts

Health and fitness podcasts are a great tool to use in pursuit of a healthier, fitter you. Use them to motivate and educate yourself on all kinds of topics for healthy living.

A podcast is a digital audio file that you download from the Internet to your computer or mobile device. Most are available as a series. So many intelligent, in-depth, creative podcast channels are ready for your listening pleasure. Subscribe through a website or app, like iTunes or Stitcher. You'll see when a new show is available. Choose the episodes you want.

Boomers Should Tune Into Health and Fitness Podcasts

Podcasts have grown in popularity. Baby boomers are listening more than ever. There are millions of avid fans. Surveys show that most listeners tune in at least once a week. Listen as much as you want. They're free! Listen when and where it works for you. Turn one on when you're in the car, walking, gardening, cooking or on the treadmill.

Many health and fitness podcasts are for general audiences, but some are for the boomer generation. This is a list of top quality podcasts that address physical and mental issues especially important to people over 50. Bookmark this page to check back for updates.

5 Health-Focused Podcasts for People 50+

Aging Fearlessly 
This series is hosted by Australian author, speaker, radio, and TV host, Karen Sander. Karen is a baby boomer. She is passionate about helping boomers overcome fears of aging. You'll find a broad spectrum of topics, such as weightlifting, life changes, mobility, aging in place, and positive psychology. Guests share personal stories and expert knowledge. The aim is to motivate and educate people 50+ to transform their lives.

Dr. Andrea Wilkinson specializes in brain fitness and cognitive maintenance. She has studied this for over 15 years and established BrainShape in 2014. This is a community for adults 60+ who are working to keep their brains and bodies fit. Dr. Wilkinson shares the latest on brain health research. Learn more about keeping your brain in shape with the BrainShape show. Get information on the tools Dr. Wilkinson recommends for an active lifestyle. These are tools that support the four pillars of brain health: physical fitness, nutrition, socialization, and mental considerations (e.g. sleep, stress).
The Doctor Fitness Show
This show host and former bodybuilding champion is the winner of Mr. America (1981), IFBB Mr. Universe (1981), and Professional Mr. Universe (1986). His name is Dr. Lance Dreher. He has competed against the best of the best, including Arnold Schwarzenegger. Dr. Dreher has a Ph.D. in Nutritional Counseling and Physical Education. He is a certified Life Coach. As a baby boomer, Dr. Dreher understands the challenges of the aging body. His specialty is personal training and weight loss for baby boomers. He is especially interested in helping older adults with medical conditions, such as diabetes. The Doctor Fitness Show is a weekly, hour-long program. Listen to fascinating discussions on disease prevention, exercise, weight loss, eating, and aging issues.

Found My Fitness
Tune into this top-rated show to keep up on the latest research on brain health, physical fitness, aging, and nutrition. Dr. Rhonda Patrick is the host. She has a Ph.D. in biomedical science and has extensive research experience with aging, cancer, and nutrition. You'll learn strategies to optimize your health based on current scientific information. Special topics include fasting, depression, time-restricted eating, sauna practices, cold exposure, preventing dementia, stress reduction, sleep, genetics, and longevity.  

Mind Pump
Mind Pump covers topics that interest baby boomers, like anti-aging, hormone balance, fat loss, muscle building, and injury prevention. This is a popular show with well over a thousand episodes to choose from for your listen-on-the-go list. The hosts of the show are seasoned personal trainers and fitness competitors. These thought leaders provide expert knowledge. The goal of the show is to educate people about "truthful fitness and health information." Subscribe and get the inside scoop. Find out what works, what doesn't, and how to improve your body faster.

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