Here Are the Classes You Need to Launch Your Successful Business

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According to PBS Newshour, twice as many entrepreneurs are over 50 as are under 25. Baby boomers everywhere are coming up with innovative ideas, adapting to change, and starting new chapters in their lives. For many of you that means launching a new business. Maybe you have just started thinking about it or maybe it’s been a dream for a long time. If you're ready to explore this idea further you could benefit from taking one or two of the short courses listed below, from the U.S. Small Business Administration, that have been specifically created for baby boomers.

Encore Entrepreneurs Can Learn Online at Their Own Pace


  1. Encore Entrepreneurs: An Introduction to Starting Your Own Business
  2. Encore Entrepreneurship for Women

Both of these free courses are self-paced with audio narration and last approximately thirty minutes. They cover a wide overview of entrepreneurship including choosing a business idea, calculating the cost, developing a business plan, legal issues and more. When you click on the “Begin Course” button to start you will be asked to fill out a demographic information form but it is not required, so if you would like to skip that step then just click “Submit”. The course welcome message will begin. A navigable course menu and transcript are available on the left. 

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Baby boomers are being called encore entrepreneurs.