How To Quickly Create a Life Saving Medical ID Card on the iPhone

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It couldn’t be easier to set up a personal medical alert page on your iPhone. If you don’t have any medical issues, you can provide your blood type and emergency contact information in case of an unforeseen accident or crisis. As long as you enable the setting, anyone helping you will be able to access the Medical ID screen even when your iPhone is locked. To create your Medical ID you will use the iPhone’s native Health app. Follow these steps:

1. Tap on the Health app.

Iphone medical ID app


2. Select Medical ID.

Iphone medical ID2


3. If you want, enable Emergency Access so that your medical card can be viewed when the iPhone is locked.

Iphone medical ID Access button so that information can be viewed when iPhone is locked


4. Fill in your information. You can have multiple emergency contacts.

Iphone medical


5. The information will not be included in your Health Data nor is it shared with other apps. You can delete it anytime.

Iphone medical ID8