How To Cut Down on Unsolicited Emails Fast

how to cut down on unsolicited emails

Cut down on some of the unsolicited emails coming to your inbox by using the Direct Marketing Association's (DMA) consumer website. Their online tool, Email Preference Service (eMPS), gives you a simple way to weed out the emails you don't want. The FTC recommends this service[1]. Get off many commercial email lists today with eMPS. Here's how you do it.

4 Easy Steps to Opt Out

To opt out of getting email from DMA marketers, register your email address, or multiple addresses, with the eMPS tool. Registration lasts for six years, and it doesn't cost you a penny.

Follow these four steps:

  1. Go to DMAchoice.
  2. Select the link for "Email Opt Out Service".
  3. Enter up to three emails.
  4. Reply to the confirmation email for each email address you submit. Congratulations, your registration is complete.

What This Does and Doesn't Do

Your registration puts your information in a "delete" file. Companies can access this file and use it to update their email lists. Not all marketers are willing to do this. So, it won’t end all annoying commercial emails, but it will help. 

The association doesn't give marketers consumer email lists for marketing purposes. The eMPS tool is available to companies only for the purpose of deleting email addresses from their lists. This service doesn't apply to advertising emails sent to your business address. And it only works inside the United States.