How to Find Coupons Automatically When You Shop Online

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An online personal shopping assistant right in your browser

How would you like to have an online personal shopping assistant to help you find the best deals? There are two browser extensions, InvisibleHand and PriceBlink, that web smart shoppers should consider installing. Both of these extensions work with 100’s of online stores to automatically do price comparisons and find money-saving coupons for you while you shop. The extensions stay hidden until they have something to show you. Be patient, it may take a moment for the banner to appear at the top of the screen when you first go to a retail website. When you select an individual item from the store the extensions provide price comparisons, reviews, and coupons. Click on another retailer that has a better price and you'll automatically be taken there. Click on reviews to read what other shoppers have written. When you want a coupon click on the offer for more information or to copy a code.

Quick review

Neither extension will cost you a dime and they are free of adware and spyware. Both come highly recommended by frugal financial expert Clark Howard and many well-known news and consumer sources. InvisibleHand is available for Firefox, Chrome and Safari. PriceBlink is available for Firefox, Chrome, Safari, AND iPad — yes! I installed both extensions and found that sometimes there are differences in the information that they provide. For example, on the same website for the same product, InvisibleHand directed me to another website for a $30 savings while PriceBlink only indicated that there were 35 matches for the product on eBay. You can try them both and see which one you like or use both at the same time like I do.

Screenshot of PriceBlink showing price comparisons


Special features

One great feature with PriceBlink is the option of adding an item to a personal wish list. You need to set up an account with PriceBlink to do this and then you can keep track of the things that you are interested in buying. In addition, you have the option of setting trigger prices. PriceBlink monitors the products on your wish list daily and if the price drops below your trigger price you’ll receive an email notification. A demo video for PriceBlink is available for viewing on their website. InvisibleHand has a sharing option for sending information via email or Twitter. You can watch a video showing InvisibleHand in action on their website.

Screenshot of InvisibleHand showing available coupons