How to Use This One-of-a-Kind Site to Find Amazing Things

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Everyone is familiar with search engines like Google and Bing but have you ever heard of a computational knowledge engine? A search engine looks for the best possible matches to your search words out of all of the web pages that it has indexed but a computational knowledge engine is different. It does dynamic computations with the data it contains and comes up with calculations or facts in response to your search terms. Wolfram|Alpha is just such a computational knowledge engine and you can use it to find and learn amazing things.

Things to Do With a Computational Knowledge Engine

There are many places on the web where you can get all kinds of facts but with Wolfram|Alpha you can combine different pieces of information to see how they compare, contrast, or relate to one another. Here are just a few examples of ideas for using this knowledge super engine for your information needs.

Use WolframAlpha to:

There’s so much to explore. Here are many more examples. Have fun with it!