3 Powerful Multitasking Features for Getting the Most from Your iPad

Multitasking On iPad

iOS 9 has added some slick and powerful multitasking features to the iPad: Slide Over, Split Screen, and Picture-in-Picture. Slide Over allows you to slide an overlay of a secondary app on the right-side of the screen to view and use. Access the Slide Over by swiping left from the middle right of the screen for the overlay to appear. You can change the app in the slide over area by by touching the bar at the top and swiping downward. Then use finger to scroll up and down the available apps until your find the one you want and tap it. If you don’t see the app that you want then go find it, open it, and then go back and try accessing it again in Slide Over. Once it's open it should appear in the Slide Over selections.

Split View lets you expand the Slide Over feature in order to use two apps side-by-side. Do this by moving the Slide Over control bar to the left until it’s in the middle. When you are using this feature the app on the right can still be changed as described above and now the app on the left-side can be switched out with another app. Do this by double-clicking on the home button and selecting an app that's already open or single-clicking on the home button and selecting any app. Keep in mind that some apps may not be compatible with the multitasking features.

Picture-in-Picture lets you play a video that floats over the apps onscreen. You can keep viewing the video while you do something else. The video window has controls for pause and play and it’s in a moveable, resizable window — use one one finger to move it around the screen, use two fingers and pinch or spread them apart to make the video window smaller or larger.

These features bring even more convenience and enjoyment to using the iPad. To turn the features On and Off go to Settings → General → Multitasking. Watch this quick how-to video to make sure that you know how to do it all. These are great features that you’ll want to use!

How To Use 3 iPad Multitasking Features