Learn All About QR Codes

QR code and smartphone

Watch how to use a QR code reader app

Scan and access information quickly with a QR code reader

QR stands for Quick Response. A QR Code is a two dimensional bar code that stores content. When the QR code is scanned it allows you to access that information or perfom a task. For example, scanning a QR Code could take you to a website, give you contact information that you can save, or bring up an online video for you to watch. Scanning a QR Code on your phone is more effective and efficient than having to write something down or type it in manually. Some shopping apps have QR code readers that enable customers pay for purchases and find products and special deals. There are many variations of QR codes but probably the most common type looks like this:

 QR code that contains the URL to Websmartboomer.com

What you need

In order to scan QR codes you need:

  1. A smartphone or tablet with a camera
  2. A QR code reader app


Go to your app store and search for "qr code reader" and pick one that's popular. I have an iPhone and iPad and I've used QR Code Reader and Scanner, i-nigma and Qrafter without any problems. Once you have a QR code reader app then you are ready to start scanning. When you see a QR code, open the app. You will be given the option to enable access to your camera — in order for it to work you'll need to allow this. Next, hold up your device and align the code in your screen. You don't have to snap a picture of it or do anything, it will automatically read the barcode. The apps that I've used read the QR code super fast and don't even need you to align the code perfectly. You'll see what I mean when you try it yourself. Ready? Yeah, you are! Practice with the QR code above.