Learn How to Digitize Family Photos From the Pros

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Scan and Preserve Your Memories

Have you got a stack, a big box, or maybe a trunk full of family photos that you have been meaning to organize and scan into the computer? Maybe one of your goals is to make all of those photos and special family documents forever available online for your loved ones? It can be an overwhelming task but what a lasting and beautiful gift you'll be giving them. Before you get started you may want to invest a little time learning some tips and information from the pros. You can do this right from the comfort of your home, right in the middle of that big pile of pictures if you like. The U.S. Library of Congress has a website devoted to digital preservation and on that site they have an entire section devoted to helping people learn how to scan, store, and preserve all those things that they want to save and pass on to their family. You can find the LOC's personal archiving page here or get started right away with a short video tutorial, Introduction to Scanning, to learn or brush up on the basics of scanning including scanner preparation, setting image properties, image compression and file saving.