How to Stop That Annoying Junk Mail Right Now

Stop Junk Mail - Image courtesy of StuartMiles

The Direct Marketing Association (DMA) offers a free online tool called DMAchoice™ to help you manage direct mail solicitations. This tool offers two special listing choices that are helpful for caregivers and bereaved families. The first one is for caregivers who have the person that they are taking care of residing in their home. For this situation you can go online and register for the Do Not Contact for Caregivers List in order to prevent direct mail from being sent to that person. All DMA member companies are required to honor this listing for three years so you will have to register again. The second option enables a family member to stop direct mail from being sent to a deceased loved one. For this you would register for the Deceased Do Not Contact List.

Things to know about both lists:

  1. The information on these lists are updated and sent to DMA member companies once a month.
  2. Allow 90 days for your request to take effect since many direct mail campaigns are planned well in advance.
  3. Your information is also provided to some non-DMA member companies and they will most likely comply but these companies are not required to take action.
  4. You can register a total of 5 separate mailing addresses.
  5. You can manage mail addressed to 5 different variations of a person’s name. This can be very helpful!

Once you register with a list you’ll be sent an email confirmation which you need to activate. Click on the link in the email, verify your information and you’re done.