Read More Fantastic Books All Year Long With These Great Tools

Read More Books

Do you want to have more time in your hectic life to read more good books? You might have a long wish list of books you want to read. Maybe you're looking forward to reading more books in retirement. Or perhaps you're retired, and life is still busy, or your booklist has grown, and you would love to find a way to read more books. While you can't get more time, you can indeed find ways to read more and check more books off of your reading list.

Technology has been changing the way we read, access, and interact with books. Apps, online services, media options, and devices with innovative features are tools we can use to streamline our reading. Retired or not, below are tools that can help you read more books all year long.

Apps and E-Readers + Print

One way to read more books is to turn yourself into a hybrid reader. Use e-readers or apps for your computer or mobile devices to listen to a book in combination with reading the hard copy or e-book. Go back and forth between the audiobook and the print or e-book, depending on what works for you. Enjoy reading your book by the fireplace on a lazy Saturday morning, then start listening where you left off when you go to work, when you're running errands, or when you're on an RV adventure. Hybrid reading is a great way to go for everyone who wants to devour more books.

Micro Books Services

Some books you want to hold in your lap and savor while sitting in your cozy place with a favorite beverage. Other types of books are for practical information or self-help. You want to get the basics: the quick steps, the main ideas, a quality summary. Forget reading the whole thing. Skip the fluff. There are online subscription services, apps, and free websites that offer book summaries or micro books. These are expertly condensed versions of books. They give you all the key things you need to know. Micro books are a highly accessible way to consume more books. They are available to read, listen to, or watch on video. To find them, search for terms like "book summaries", "micro books", or "video book summaries" using your search engine or in your app store. Headway, Blinkist, Microbook, Athena, 12min, and Knowlla are book summary services. Chip away at your reading list faster wherever you are and anytime you want with various book summary/micro book options.

Podcasts and Online Videos

Get the sweet, shortened overview of a book via podcasts and online videos. There are programs dedicated to book discussions, in-depth book reviews, and presenting concise book summaries. Search podcast providers like PlayerFM, Apple Podcasts, and Spotify to find these shows. For reviews, discussions, or overviews of books on video, search on C-SPAN Book TV, Youtube, Vimeo, or other video platforms. Some micro book providers or book summary services offer shortened versions of books on video, as mentioned above.

Email Reading Services

Bibliophiles now have a cool way to read books bit by bit, made possible by email and unique online content services. With daily drops of books sent to your email, you can read through the classics, fiction books, and a wide variety of free content in a few minutes a day. Pick your titles, set your schedule, and start and stop reading as you like with services such as Daily Drops, DripRead, DailyLit, and Read Rooster. Squeeze in more reading time, enjoy greater variety in your reading, or set a new record for the most books you've ever read in a year with these short daily reading installments.