The Top Retirement Planning Info To Really Help Women Now and Later

retirement planning women

You need the best retirement planning information to prepare for a secure retirement. Women are living longer into their retirement years and need to plan financially for the long term. You want to live comfortably in retirement, so it's vital to make knowledgeable decisions about your money and use your financial resources to their fullest. 

National Resource Center on Women and Retirement (NRCWR)

This resource center is a partnership between WISER and the Administration on Community Living. NRCWR is a bonanza of financial information, tools, and resources on retirement planning to help women educate themselves, improve their financial health, and avoid financial exploitation.

NRCWR offers financial publications and fact sheets that are free for you to download or print. Their booklets, guides, and the Fact Sheet Library cover topics like caregiving, divorce, company benefits, annuities, investing, social security, long-term care, and much more. 

Savvy Ladies

This group is a non-profit organization aiming to empower women to achieve financial independence. They provide free financial education and resources about the things every woman needs to know about retirement. You'll find articles and videos on topics such as investing, inheritance, estate planning, savings, debt, home, auto, taxes, and insurance. Take advantage of weekly webinars, a free e-newsletter, helpful blog postings, a helpline, and more. 

Social Security for Women

Women represent over half of the people receiving Social Security benefits. Some women depend on their Social Security for all of their income. Fortunately, Social Security comes with a life-long guarantee. It has built-in cost-of-living protections, so the benefits are adjusted for inflation every year. Women need to fully understand their Social Security benefits to use them for maximum benefit.

The Social Security Administration (SSA) has a resource page for women. It includes information for caregivers, working, widowed, married, getting married, getting divorced, and women currently getting their Social Security. This online resource has links to helpful publications and online tools.


The Women's Institute for Financial Education (WIFE) motto is, "A Man is NOT a Financial Plan." WIFE is the "oldest, most established non-profit organization dedicated to providing an unbiased, financial education to women in their quest for financial independence." There's a wealth of financial help here, including blogs, articles, financial calculators, and a learning section all about retirement. 


The Women's Institute for a Secure Retirement, also known as WISER Women, is a non-profit organization dedicated to improving women's long-term financial security. The organization does this by providing free financial advocacy and education for women. At WISER, you'll find free information on Social Security, retirement planning, saving, investing, money management, annuities, and more.