Search Engine Smarts

Search Engine Smarts

Man searching with mobile device.

This Simple Web Tip Can Open Up a Whole New World

Being creatures of habit we all have certain go-to websites and probably one search engine that we use over and over again. But for those times when you seem to be spinning your wheels, one smart tip to remember is: Use more than one search engine.

Jumping into a different pool of search engine results.

The pool

When you use another search engine you are basically jumping into a different pool of results. More technically speaking, search engines create their own index of the web and they also have proprietary search algorithms (the computer programs that use your search words to try and give you the results that you want). By using a variety of search engines you can find different things and expand your opportunities to discover quality information.

Choose more than one search engine: Google, Yahoo, Lycos, Exalead,, SearchTeam, GigaBlast, DuckDuckGo, StartPage

Pick two

Try it for yourself sometime. Choose two search engines from the list that you don’t normally use, search for something, and compare the results to your old standby.