Use Your Senior Status to Save Money

Web savvy boomers know how to save money online.

Save Money has been awarded the American Society on Aging's Business and Aging Award and the Wall Street Journal has named SeniorDiscounts one of the top places to find discounts and deals.  It's a database of over 250,000 discounts for people 50 and older. The website also offers weekly articles and a free newsletter with money-saving tips. The folks at SeniorDiscounts state, “Our site has everything you need to put your senior status to work for you.”

You can sign-up for free and enjoy many features. To gain access to all of the benefits there is a Premium Membership.

Free Basic Membership includes:

  • A subscription to a weekly email newsletter
  • Access to Q&A, blogs, and the News & Articles section where you can discuss money saving ideas with others
  • Access to other senior discount related news and events

The database covers just about everything that you think of for travel, food, entertainment, medical, retail shopping, home & garden, recreation, personal services, technology, and more. Here’s a video tutorial on using the website including a helpful tip about sorting discounts by age requirement.

Saving Money with

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