So Here Are the 2 New Ways to Search With Google

 new Google search features

We "google" stuff all the time because we want more information. We love information. You need to know that there are two more ways to use Google to get more information about interesting and amazing things in the world.

Get More Fun Facts

Who doesn’t love trivia? Now you can get cool trivia information about living creatures from around the world by going to Google and asking for a "fun fact" about something — plants, animals, fruits and veggies. As soon as you do that trivia tidbit is delivered right at the top of your search results. Some queries have multiple facts and only one is randomly display at a time. So if you’re interested in learning more, hit refresh and you may get another fun fact.

People Also Ask

Google has rolled out it’s "people also ask" feature to both desktop and mobile Google search results. Right now it only works in the United States. Google’s Satyajeet Salgar says that it’s fun for "exploring topics." Here’s how it looks working on mobile: