Super Smart Tech Things To Get for Cold and Flu Season

Stay safe and healthy during cold and flu season.

As we age, our immune defenses decline. In general, people 65+ are at greater risk of flu complications. Many habits and choices cut the risk of catching the flu or a cold. Different vaccines, lifestyle decisions, and nutritional options may help. You know how to protect yourself with hygiene practices and social distancing. If you're reading this, you want to know what else you can do. Let's look at some tech products to help you and your loved ones during cold and flu season.

Smart Thermometer

Thermometers are an essential item for first aid kits. Changes in body temperature can signal an illness and a need for medical attention. The latest smart digital thermometers provide more than a temperature reading. Some smart thermometers have apps that collect, store, and track temperature and other health information. These apps can keep track of information for several people. On the plus side, this makes it easy to share important health information with a doctor. However, privacy is a matter to consider.

Your privacy is important. This is a method of household health surveillance. They're collecting and storing your health information. This should only happen with your permission. Any shared data should be anonymous. Make sure you understand the company's privacy policy. Decide if you’re willing to trust that company. Companies say they want the data for the surveillance and forecasting of diseases, like the flu. The goal is to help improve public health interventions. Real-time data improves this "health weather" forecasting.

Protective Covers

Washable, reusable screen covers are available for all types of electronic devices. They're easy to take off to wash and disinfect.

Using a cover on your keyboard helps lower cross-contamination. It makes it easier to clean and disinfect, and it protects it from spills, crumbs, oil, moisture, dirt, and pathogens.

For extra protection, get antimicrobial covers. They're resistant to bacterial growth. Another plus is that they are cheaper than buying an antimicrobial device. But that’s an option to consider, and it’s next on the list.

Antimicrobial Mice and More

Medical and food processing facilities use waterproof, washable, and antimicrobial computer peripherals. Get an antimicrobial mouse, a mousepad, and a keyboard for home and work. They have antimicrobial protection infused into the plastic.

Other antimicrobial tech accessories are available, including ear buds, TV remotes, and cases.

UVC Sanitizing Wands and Cases

Ultraviolet (UV) light technology is effective at killing bacteria and viruses. Use a UV wand to sterilize electronic devices and all kinds of surfaces.

Get UV light cases for your mobile devices. Put it inside, turn it on, and forget it. It's so convenient for daily use. They also make cases for things like toothbrushes and dentures.