5 Quick Videos To Make You Tech Smarter This Year

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This is a collection of Ted Ed technology videos that educate, answer important questions and challenge us to imagine the future. Learn more about what the web is, how a computer works, what amazing things to expect from touch technology, and how computers learn about us.

What is the world wide web? - Twila Camp

Did you know that the web is not the internet? This is a short, easy-to-follow visual tutorial to help folks understand more about the web and how it works.

Is there a limit to technological progress? - Clément Vidal

A fascinating look at the measure of technological progress and potential.

How computer memory works - Kanawat Senanan

Short term memory, long term memory, CPU, DRAM, RAM and more computer terms explained simply.

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Can machines read your emotions? - Kostas Karpouzis

How machines are learning to identify human emotions using pictures, text, body language, the voice and biological changes. Possible beneficial uses include providing a sense of companionship for lonely elders and cost effective therapy for mental health issues among others. The implications for privacy and predictive crime technology are also discussed.

Haptography: Digitizing our sense of touch - Katherine Kuchenbecker

Learn about the science of touch technology and the revolutionary digital experiences and opportunities that are coming.