10 Short Videos That Will Really Make You Tech Smarter This Year

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Below is a carefully curated list of fantastic technology-themed videos by TED. These videos offer answers to tech questions, look to future innovations, and more. You can use this list as a guide to learn more about tech and how it's impacting our world.

1. What Is the Worldwide Web?

Did you know that the web is not the internet? This is a visual tutorial to about the web and how it works.


2. Is There a Limit to Technological Progress?

A fascinating look at the measure of technological advancement and potential.


3. The Future of Digital Communication and Privacy

Will Cathcart talks about the vital encryption technology used by WhatsApp.


4. How Computer Memory Works

Short term memory, long term memory, CPU, DRAM, RAM and more computer terms explained in simplicity.


5. Can Machines Read Your Emotions?

Machines are learning to identify human emotions. This technology could lead to companionship for lonely elders, among other beneficial uses. Also discussed are the implications for privacy and predictive crime technology.


6. How To Connect When We're Apart

Zoom's CEO and founder Eric Yuan shares about developing the video chat software. See what he says about how digital gatherings could rival the real thing in the future.


7. Haptography: Digitizing Our Sense of Touch

Learn about the science of touch technology. Revolutionary digital experiences and opportunities are coming.


8. How Technology Has Changed What It's Like To Be Deaf

Rebecca Knill, a writer with cochlear implants talks about her experiences. Learn about the evolution of assisted listening tech and related cultural issues.


9. How Quantum Physics Can Make Encryption Stronger

Being part of a world with billions of connected devices puts our personal data at risk. Here's how the power of quantum computing can protect us from sophisticated cyberattacks.


10. What You Need To Know About Stalkerware

Stalkerware is software designed to spy on you by gaining secret access to your devices. Antivirus companies often don't recognize stalkerware as malicious. Cybersecurity expert Eva Galperin discusses the emerging dangers of stalkerware.

Editor's Note: This post was originally published in February 2017 and updated in March 2021.