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The 2 Most Accurate Weather Apps You Can Get

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With so many weather apps to choose from it will help to know which one is going to give you the most accurate weather forecast. In a recent study by ForecastWatch, the nation's premier authority in meteorological accuracy validation, The Weather Company’s Weather Channel and Weather Underground were found to be the most accurate forecasters. This was overall across diverse geographic regions and the time periods covered.

According to ForecastWatch, The Weather Company was the overwhelming leader, offering the most accurate one- to three-day and three- to five-day forecasts in the U.S., Europe and Asia, and the most accurate six- to nine-day forecasts in the U.S. and Asia. The study collected forecasts from eleven different providers and analyzed a total of more than 139.3 million forecasts.

How They Predict the Weather so Accurately

The Weather Company, now a part of IBM, goes beyond what many other forecasters provide to feed its forecasting engine with the richest, highest-resolution, finest granularity data available. Sources include IBM’s proprietary Deep Thunder model, numerical weather prediction models from agencies like the National Weather Service in the U.S., the ECMWF in Europe, and more. It also includes data from surface observations, precipitation, radar, satellite, personal weather stations, lightning sources, data collected from planes every day, as well as one of the largest troves of location data available anywhere.  

To create a single forecast, 162 individual forecasts are generated within Weather's analytical system combining a wide variety of government and private forecast models. Machine-learning algorithms weigh factors like temperature or precipitation from each forecast based on geography, time, weather type and recent forecast accuracy. The system then blends those weighted contributions to arrive at a single synthesized forecast that provides the best possible accuracy available.

Running these analytical models is computationally intensive, so Weather created a cloud-based platform purpose-built for all types of big data. The platform generates tens of millions of forecasts around the globe within microseconds at 15-minute intervals every day. It’s a part of IBM's Watson Data Platform.

Get These Weather Apps

The Weather Channel app is available for Android and iOS. The Weather Underground app is available for Android and iOS.

Source: PR Newswire