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Sustainabody, Inc., developers of mobile solutions for a healthier lifestyle, have released the Sustainabody app for comprehensive nutrition tracking. The flagship app promotes a healthy and sustainable diet by tracking nutritional needs. Notifications and recommendations are part of the app. Sustainabody aims to give people a holistic approach to developing successful eating habits. Use the Sustainabody app for:

  • weight loss
  • specialized dietary needs or lifestyles
  • fitness and dietary goals

The Sustainabody app is free to use. The ad-free app is $1.99. It's available for IOS and is coming soon to Android.

Proper Nutrition Equals Long-Term Weight Loss Success

According to Marketdata Enterprise, Americans spend over $60 billion a year trying to lose weight. Yet every year, most people see little or no results. A major contributor to this is the focus on caloric intake. Exercising and eating fewer calories is necessary for weight loss. Yet people need proper nutrition for long-term success.

"Sustainabody is designed to take its users beyond calories, which is a traditionally popular but very limiting view on health and nutrition," says Sustainabody app founder Marcus Vlahovic. "We want to help users optimize their diet no matter their health or fitness goals, and that starts with getting enough of every essential vitamin and mineral in their diets - not just fat, protein, or carbs."

A Well-Rounded Diet for Optimal Health 

According to Sustainabody, Inc., this is the only health and diet app that tracks all minerals and vitamins that the body needs for optimal health. This is key to helping people choose a well-rounded diet rather than one based on fat or calorie count. The app provides feedback and dietary recommendations. Using the app can help people identify and avoid potential nutritional deficiencies. As the app tracks someone's goals it figures out when they are missing any nutrients. Notifications are automatic - with food suggestions to correct for those missed targets. The app would also be helpful for people on restrictive diets: vegetarians, vegans, food allergies. These diets can result in a deficiency in certain nutrients. The Sustainabody app tracks these nutritional needs eliminating the need for complicated calculations.

Sustainabody News and Information for Baby Boomers

Sustainabody uses age to determine the appropriate nutritional goals for each user, alongside other factors like weight and height. According to the National Council on Aging, older adults experience higher rates of tooth decay, behavior health issues like depression and anxiety, and disproportionately higher rates of diabetes, arthritis, and heart disease. Many conditions like anxiety, depression, arthritis, tooth decay, heart disease, and much more are worsened by missing out on key nutrients.

In a statement to, Mr. Vlahovic wrote, "I think it is incredibly important for older adults to meet their vitamin and mineral goals - multivitamins are commonly taken but do not provide the same results as a healthy and nutritious diet." He referenced Harvard Men's Health Watch editor-in-chief Dr. William Kormos who said, "It does not appear that a multivitamin can replace a healthy diet high in fruits and vegetables."

It's important to remember that Sustainabody doesn't diagnose or cure any disease or condition. Yet it can warn users when their diet is low in key vitamins and minerals, what symptoms they could potentially face or worsen, and most importantly what foods to eat to reach a stable nutritional level.

Founder and CEO Marcus Vlahović further stated, "We do have plans for expansion on a platform for both seniors and infants in a few months. However, we do want to stress that Sustainabody is incredibly flexible! Our developers are working day and night to create a totally cohesive and comprehensive product for anyone and everyone looking to improve their diet and health."

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