Vintage Recipes: Here Are 10 Great Websites You Need to See

vintage recipes

Collecting vintage recipes and cookbooks has become a popular hobby. Numerous blogs, websites, and social media groups are dedicated to preserving, discovering, and sharing the tastiest and even the weirdest vintage recipes. This list will help you find many of the best free vintage recipes and cookbooks online. If you’ve got retro food cravings, you’re going to love these sites.

10 Top Vintage Recipe Sites is a labor of love by founder and editor, Nancy J. Price. Find retro recipes by browsing the Food & Drink category. It includes desserts, appetizers, drinks, bread, and poultry. Want to make the lightest, airiest cake? Look no further than 7 recipes for 7-up cake. Impress everyone and learn 17 surprising ways to cook, chill, and pickle watermelon. And before you go, check out 50 Drinks & Toasts from 1968 for tantalizing cocktail recipes and old-fashioned party hosting tips.  

Explore over 32,000 recipes from more than 80 vintage cookbooks at Some recipes date all the way back to 1658. Do you know what an assiette is? Or how about a junket? Learn fun tidbits of food trivia when you explore this top vintage recipe website. is a beautiful place to find updated vintage recipes. This blog, by Monica Kass Rogers, started out as a column for the Chicago Tribune. Some recipes are her creations. Others are inspired by vintage cookbooks. Every post has an engaging narrative, beautiful visuals, and detailed instructions. Sign up for a free Yumprint account. Then simply select the Save Recipe button to collect the recipes you want to try.

You’ll find “good old-fashioned comfort foods” at Laura Warnke started this website to share the best of her family’s recipes. Go to this retro food blog for mouth-watering southern fried chicken, breakfast casseroles, and coffee cakes. Most of these vintage recipes are from the Depression era, and the 1960’s to the 1980’s.

Find easy-to-make vintage recipes from the 1920’s through the 1970’s at Simplicity is the essence of this compendium of tasty and timeless treats. Use three or four ingredients to make Vermont Maple Custard, Pudding Batter, Beer Bread, or Mayonnaise Rolls.

Imperial Sugar supplies sugar products to millions of American households. Over the years the company has developed and published recipes and cookbooks. Many of the vintage recipes are available at Get recipes for Animal Crackers, Jam Pockets, Old Fashioned Buttermilk Fudge, Grandmother’s Graham Crackers, and Bavarian Potato Coffee Cake. Download dozens of Imperial Sugar's free vintage cookbooks.

Peruse the growing Historic Recipe Collection of the Milwaukee Public Library Digital Collections. Find local and ethnic recipes popular decades ago. Among the unique retro food combos you’ll find are Bacon ’N Egg Cookies and Best Ever Banana Cheese Pie.

Recipe for Victory is a fascinating vintage recipe collection from the University of Wisconsin-Madison. Read books and pamphlets written to help home cooks support the war effort. Forty-five publications (1917–1919) in all come from the United States and England. Browse page by page or use the search box to find vintage recipes by keyword.

Find vintage recipes at the Historic Recipe Bank from the Henry Ford Museum of America. Recipes are organized by type and era starting with the 1700’s. The focus is on American cuisine. It includes books like: The Settlement Cook Book (1936), the most successful fundraising cookbook of all time, Macy’s Cook Book and Kitchen Guide for the Busy Woman (1932), Mrs. Rorer’s Sandwiches (1912), the first American cookbook of its kind, and Aunt Sammy’s Radio Recipes Revised (1931), from a hit radio show featuring “Aunt Sammy,” a beloved character created by the USDA.

There are thousands of old cookbooks available from The Internet Archive. They’re free to download or borrow. Search for “cookbook” or “recipes” and select “texts” to find vintage cookbooks. Use Advanced Search to search for cookbooks from specific years or date ranges.