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Finding the Best Price

There are different ways to save money on medications and one way to get the best price on a prescription drug is by using an online pharmacy. You may already do this but you may be able to take this money saving option to a whole new level by using PharmacyChecker.com (PC). This website compares drug prices from verified online pharmacies and from prescription discount cards, which can be used at your local pharmacy. Using proprietary Web crawling technology or price feeds from online pharmacies, drug prices are periodically gathered electronically and updated on the website. PC aims to “match and show prices for similar products in comparative fashion wherever possible.”


PC does all of the homework for you by collecting and evaluating credentials, prices, and customer feedback on pharmacies that operate online and through mail-order and fax. Pharmacy licenses are checked directly with appropriate local pharmacy boards. All of the information is available for free. Recommended by AARP, CBS, The New York Times, NPR, The People's Pharmacy, and more, PharmacyChecker.com is a valuable resource for saving money online. Watch this how-to video showcasing the features of this web smart resource.

 Saving Money with PharmacyChecker.com


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