You'll Want to See This Bluetooth Tracker, It Looks Like a Winner

Rand McNally Highlight

Do you lose track of your keys or other stuff sometimes? Bluetooth® trackers help people stay organized and find missing items. You place trackers on things you don't want to lose. The tracker uses an app to link the items to your smart phone via Bluetooth®. That's a wireless technology that uses radio waves to exchange information between devices.

Bluetooth® trackers have become popular. There are many on the market now including this newer one from Rand McNally. It's called Highlight™.

"We developed Highlight™ to help people stay organized and solve the everyday problem of misplacing items," said Stephen Fletcher, CEO of Rand McNally. "Life is hectic and Highlight™ provides a helpful little reminder about your most valuable items when your mind is on other things."

"It also provides great peace of mind when you travel," Fletcher added.

This tracker is a decorative disks, a little more than an inch in diameter. It adheres to valuables either with the included adhesive pad or lanyard. Attach the discs to important items that you want to keep track of like:

  • keys
  • wallets
  • remotes
  • laptops
  • suitcases
  • bicycles

The disk needs to be connected to the free Highlight™ app which is available for Android or iOS phones. Once connected or "Highlighted" you can locate personal items through the app. Items should be within Bluetooth® range (up to 100 feet with no barriers) for this to work.

Highlight™ works the opposite way as well. Pressing a button on the Highlight™ disk will trigger a misplaced phone to emit a sound. Also, if the disk leaves Bluetooth® range, the app can be configured to send an alert to your phone.

If a tracked item is moved outside of range, the Highlight™ offers crowdsourcing to help locate it. Highlight™ users can assist one another in finding lost objects. If an object is out range you can mark it as "Lost" in your Highlight™ app. Someone in the community network may be able to find and report the location of that tracker.

Highlight™ could be a fantastic tool for travelers. Multiple "Highlighted" objects can be organized within the app. Travelers will have on-the-go confirmation that all their items are still with them and never left behind.

Highlight™ has a long-lasting battery life. It comes with a configurable light, sound options, and an adhesive pad and lanyard.

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