You Need to Know the Best 15 Things Online From the USPS

online errands USPS
Why stand in line, call or drive to the post office when you don’t have to? The U.S. Postal Service has all kinds of online resources to help you get things done, find what you need and save time. If you want to do some of these things from home you will need a printer.

Online Shortcuts, Services and Fun Stuff from the Post Office

1. Get Informed Delivery
If you’re traveling you can see what’s coming in the mail everyday if you sign up for the Informed Delivery service. When you do then each morning you’ll get black and white images of the actual letter-sized mail pieces that are coming to your mailbox that day. Not available for all locations.

2. Change your address
You can fill out an online form for your Change of Address (COA) for just a $1 ID verification fee. There are third party websites that will charge you fees of $40.00 or more to submit your Change of Address. This is not only convenient it’s cheap! You’ll get an instant email confirmation of your COA and access to money saving coupons.

3. Manage all your packages
Register for a free My USPS account and you'll be able to see all of your inbound packages without having to enter any tracking numbers. Plus, you can schedule delivery alerts, request redelivery, and more. You’ll also be able to manage your mail on your mobile phone or tablet. 

4. Print out your labels
Whether you are sending an important document or sending a package you can pay for shipping and print a label with postage right from your home.

5. Schedule a pickup at home
Once you pay for and print your postage label, you can schedule a free Package Pickup right from home and include specific instructions for your carrier. For a fee, you can request a specific day and time for pickup.

6. Reschedule a missed delivery
If you missed a delivery you can schedule redelivery online using the slip left by your carrier. Redelivery isn’t available in every zip code.

7. Access all forms
Find and print out any USPS form that you need.

8. Start your passport application
Fill out your passport application online and print it out at home. Post Offices may have limited hours for passport services. To be certain of service, call ahead and make an appointment. Use the PO Locator to find the nearest Post Office that offers passport services.

9. Hold the mail
USPS offers online forms for their Hold Mail Service. Fill out the first online form to see if the service is available for your address. You’ll be able to fill out the service form if you’re eligible.

10. View service alerts
If there is a weather-related or other natural disaster or event, check service alerts in your area about postal facility service disruptions. These alerts are done in near real time and are available for residential customers and business and international mailers.

11. File a complaint
There are online forms for filing the following complaints:

12. Buy stamps and more
Visit the USPS online store to purchase stamps, packaging materials, cards, envelopes, and gifts.

13. Get great stuff on stamp collecting

  • Learn about stamp collecting.
  • Order The Postal Service Guide to U.S. Stamps here.
  • Download the USPS® StampApp, a treasure trove of information for stamp lovers. It provides an interactive experience where users can browse the fully illustrated USPS® stamp library, find current market values, create, manage, and export their collections, create and edit their stamp wish lists and share their collections with others via email and social media. It's available for iOS and Android devices.

  • Get the Postal Service eGuide to Stamps for your laptop, tablet or smart phone.

Available at iTunes

14. Pay for your post office box
Rent a post office box online or renew the one you already have.

15. Calculate prices ahead of time
For domestic and international shipping use the Postage Price Calculator to figure out how much you'll need to pay. It will even include costs for special things such as fragile items and live animals.