How To Keep Up With Your Important Daily Bible Reading


How many times have you started the New Year or at some other time with the goal of reading through the Bible only to get behind, get discouraged and give up? I know how it is. Your day doesn’t go as planned, you miss one and then two days and, yikes, now you’ve got three days worth to read. Keeping up with a plan is hard for most of us. It was for me but then along came the YouVersion Bible app. It has a wonderful, forgiving feature called "Catch Me Up". Yep, it’s just what it sounds like. It’s an option that lets you shift the current day’s reading to your last completed reading. You don’t ever have to get behind again. Anytime you need it, you can have a fresh start right from where you left off! Let me give you some more information about the app, how you can get it, and then I’ll tell you how to get started with a Bible reading plan and how to use Catch Me Up. You can watch a video demonstration below too.


About YouVersion

With the free YouVersion app the Bible is available in over 900 languages and many versions. Some versions are available in audio and some can be downloaded so that you can read offline. With YouVersion you can make notes, bookmark favorite passages, share scriptures via social media and more. Youversion is also accessible on your web browser at If you don’t already have it for your mobile device, download it today! Here are the links.

Starting a Bible Reading Plan

It’s easy to find and get started with a Bible reading plan. To find the Bible reading plans:

  • On the iPad tap on Menu (upper left corner) → Plans → Discover
  • On the iPhone tap Plans (bottom menu) → Discover
  • On the computer click on Plans (upper left) → All Plans

Bible reading plan categories shown on an iPhone:


Reading plans are grouped into categories. Choose a category to see what plans are available.

Whole Bible reading plans shown on an iPhone:

YouVersion screenshot

Once you find the plan you want, select it and then select "Start Plan" (on my computer it shows "Start This Plan" instead).

Start Plan shown on an iPhone:


Next, you’ll see an option for sharing your plan activity on social media. Make your selection.

Privacy options for reading plan shown on an iPhone:


Once you do this you’ll immediately see that your new Bible reading plan is ready to go.

Catch Up and Keep Going

If you fall behind with a reading plan use Catch Me Up to get back on track. First, select your plan and then on the iPad and iPhone you’ll need to tap on the ellipsis (…) to get to Settings. If you are accessing YouVersion's website with your computer browser click the Settings link. You will then see the Catch Me Up option. Tap or click on it to automatically fix your schedule.

Catch Me Up shown on an iPhone:

YouVersion Catch Me Up

Watch me set up a new Bible reading plan and use Catch Me Up on my iPad in this video.